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About Charlie Paige


I could have sworn that I would never write a Blog. And the last way I want to introduce myself would be; Hi my name is Charlie Paige and I am a Hypocrite. I could give you the cliché line of never say never and to be honest that has been proved in my life on multiple occasions. But more than that, I had all these opinions. My opinions were based on a bias, that if you haven't earned influence then you have no place sharing your thoughts & In some cases and environments that may be true. Through time I have realized I was way off the mark. I have learned in seasons of change and God forcing me to swallow my pride that everyone deserves the chance to freely express who they are through words. I have learned that writing isn't for the few with the ability to piece together beautiful words but writing gives each and every person the ability to speak their truth, to be raw whether those truths apply to anyone else does not matter much. I found that people enjoyed hearing others take on life as did I. There is something wildly refreshing about reading a piece that is birthed from another person’s vulnerability.


As for me I knew the therapy behind writing down your innermost thoughts but I didn't realize that freedom that would come by then sharing those thoughts with the world. In those moments you are admitting that you are human, simply flawed and all. In those moments you give the opportunity to someone else to relate to you and feel a little less like an outcast and a little more human too. What a beautiful exchange, for me to tell you something about myself and for in some way, shape or form that sets us both free, Amazing. So then I had to come to terms with another piece of truth in my life. I am good at poetry and I favor poetry because of its complexity. What I Don’t like about it, is the fact that even though I could get really raw there was still the ability for me to remain hidden. I can formulate a poem to tell you some of my deepest emotions but because it comes to you in a lyrical form I am able to chalk it down to art. I can say that is a form of self expression and I don’t have to admit to some of the darkness I have felt; some of the confusion, anger, doubt, regret, love or lust I have let fly through my finger tips into a poem. I could have a conversation with you and tell you my truth and we could have a moment. I could read your face and you could hear my tone. In those moments there isn't much room for a miscommunication and there is less of a chance that I will be misunderstood and judged. But in a platform where I share my truth and you read it just like you are reading this right now, everything is up to your interpretation. I knew that being vulnerable here would mean that I may be judged. It would mean that there could potentially be someone out there who doesn't know me, and because they read this they decide that they don’t like me. And for someone who for the most part doesn't care about other peoples opinions there was something strangely menacing to me about being misunderstood.


I have the best of intentions, but maybe I wont always have the best delivery. Even still I am realizing that I have to try. I have to put myself out there because I believe God gave me a gift and unfortunately at the end of my life I have to answer to that. I have to display before him what I was able to do with the talents that he has given me. In that moment I don’t have time to explain to him that I was afraid of what Jane Doe would think of me. I have just the strongest desire to stand before; my king at the end of my life and say. I WROTE MY BEST FOR YOU! So welcome to my best, welcome to my truth, welcome to me, I welcome you! Today is November 29th and I have turned 29, this is my Golden Birthday. More than that I declare that this will be my golden year. I will go through this year looking at every opportunity as a golden ticket that must not be stored away for future use. I believe that everything that I touch this year will turn to GOLD. I believe that like Gold this year will be one of my most valuable yet. And a year from now if not sooner I will bring to the table a project with a Golden bow wrapped around it, A gift to all of you that I will put my life into.

There will be plenty of time to get to know me in the future. Lets talk about you! Golden and beautiful you! Don’t believe me? Do believe me? There may be a mix of you but either way I really hope that you will join me on a journey this year. I want to share with you of my life in all its forms. I want to share with you of my past, my present and my future. I will have to do all of that to share with you just how I got to this point where I could truly feel Golden. Not just in the fact that I believe I am precious to God but in the fact that I can see the beauty in my shine, I see that power in my form and I understand that unbreakable material that I am made of. Even better I am embracing the simple fact that my goldenness is valuable to you. AND VICE VERSA! At my core is this deep desire to bring life to people. If I could, I would sit down with each and everyone of you. I would listen to your story and I would hear your heart, I would look into your eyes and I would study its sparkle. And I promise you that you would win me over, and just over coffee I could tell you why you are so very special. I could tell you things that you have that I don’t and how that makes you important. Your unique could even be something that you have struggled with and I can tell you why it makes you GOLDEN. So to you my sweet friend, whether you are a new friend or someone that I have known for a while… Come sit with me over a cup of coffee, I will order my favorite seasonal drink (a caramel brûlée latte with those Golden Flakes on top) and let’s talk about these Golden things.

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