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The Roots in a Woman


The Roots In A Woman is a book designed to go on a journey with each reader. This journey is to take you deeper into issues so many women in the world deal with today. A lot of these issues are taboo and they are never talked about. The author speaks from her own experience and holds nothing back. If you like real, raw and vulnerable conversations then this book is going to be perfect for you. Or if you are ready to see some real change in your life and you are willing to try something new, this book could be for you as well. The author would love to take you on the healing journey that she went on with God. Her hope is that you can experience healing as well. But above all it is certain that if you read this book you are sure to feel less alone in the things that you may currently be struggling with.


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about the author

Paige Loehr lives in Overland Park with her husband and two children. She and her husband have been business owners for over a decade and have been able to focus their lifestyle around their family. A relationship with God is the center of Paige’s life and because of that, she has seen healing in so many areas. So it is her joy to share that healing with others. She is passionate about helping people feel the freedom that she lives in every single day.

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"The Roots In A Woman broke so many chains off my life. My expectations were far exceeded and I had so much healing and found freedom! The revelation was so deep that it needed to be shared with them also. Crazy enough, some of the “roots” discussed were things that I dealt with unbeknownst to me but what’s beautiful is that I was able to benefit from Paige’s struggle-victory story and learn from it to find my own breakthrough."


The Roots In A Woman has convicted me in areas I did not know I was battling. I knew about the obvious ones (example: Approval Addiction, Self Neglect, Emptiness) but after reading Paige's stories about the pain and struggles she went through, I realized that there were more strongholds buried deep inside of me. This book helped me detect those "quiet" strongholds that I thought I didn't have. It helped me speak victory over my life and I felt my spirit lift up. The biggest part is that I am not alone but it's up to me to step into who God called me to be. Yes women are "full of emotions" but emotion is power. And this book helped me breakfree from my biggest critic, myself. 


If you really want a change in your life, and need some truth then this book is for you! The pure raw-ness that Paige exhibits in each paragraph is absolutely what women need to move past the things that we know are holding us back! This is not a book of fluff, it will slap you in the face when you least expect it. I experienced this with the favoritism chapter! I thought I didn't necessarily need to read that part, but then realized this is a huge thing in my life, I didn't realize it was something I needed to move past! 

The journaling and action step section actually help you be reflective and dig deep in a way that these parts of books have not been that helpful to me before. I appreciate the fact that you put these things to paper! This has been incredibly helpful in my life, and for that I owe you so much.


This book delivered exactly what was promised, and that was the uprooting of old roots that are not serving you and that may be hindering you, and so much more. The author makes you feel like you are really just having a one on one conversation and gets really deep into the things most of us don’t want to expose and perfectly finishes each topic out by guiding you through prayer and allowing God to come in and do the uprooting. It’s the kind of book I want to give to every woman (and man) I love and allow them to feel the same freedom but also keep for myself as a reference on my shelf when I need to go back and partner with another sister in Christ and stand in agreement with someone. It was, and will continue to be for me, truly a life changing read. 


As women, we are uniquely beautiful, set apart, and a force to be reckoned with but simultaneously we're dealing with so many ugly "roots" that infect our inner and outer worlds. With every chapter, Paige lays her heart on the line by sharing authentic, personal stories and I thought to myself so many times, "wow, can she read my mind?!" She speaks right to you, helping you feel understood and not so alone while at the same time encouraging you to do the dirty work of becoming a truly free and powerful woman, loosed from issues, insecurities and mental battles that choke the life and energy right out of you.  After reading this book, you will be equipped with super practical steps to attack those dark areas and you'll be that much closer to mental, emotional and personal freedom!


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