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Arise in Marriage & Motherhood - Welcome

I cannot wait to share with you all on the topics of marriage and motherhood. I am so honored everyday that God chose me to be a wife and a mother to the two most awesome people in the whole world. I have been married for 8 years now and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on things, but I am always learning and always growing in this area. I want to share about the things I have learned so far and the reasons why we are confident in our marriage. As far as being a mother, I am new to this hood so I will be mostly talking on things that I am learning and how I am managing this huge life transition. So I am welcoming you into the most important area of my life and I want you to make yourself home.

To begin I would like to share with you a video that we created for our daughter as a gift for when she is older. We wanted her to know how excited we were to meet her and how loved she was before we even met her. I showed this at my baby shower & I got the ugly cry response. There is so much deep and personal meaning all wrapped up in this video. I hope you enjoy it & may even connect with it.

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