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Darling You - Welcome

Hello Darling, this page is dedicated to you and all your glory. Because you have just that, Glory and I want you to know that. More than that, I need you to know it because me knowing that about myself has made all of the difference. So here is where you can learn of the Journey with myself. I want to inspire you to begin courting yourself and ultimately I want you to fall in love with you.

I also want you to join me this year, the last year of my 20’s in a challenge to myself. I will be doing a list of 30 things that I must get done before I turn 30. I have 365 days…. Until I turn 30 and I want those days to be filled with new things & challenges that get me out of my comfort zone. Hopefully this will inspire you to challenge yourself to step out of the box that you have put yourself in and try some new things.

Maybe you have more time than me, so make a 30 before 30 and make it more challenging with some bigger things to get accomplished. Maybe your over 30, so make a 40 before 40 or 70 before 70! Whatever it may be. Your welcome to steal some from my list or copy it entirely. As I do/ try these things I will document them and share them with you here on this page. 30 Before 30

  1. Purchase a piece of Jewelry from Kendra Scott

  2. Go camping

  3. Volunteer at a community outreach

  4. Dance in the Rain

  5. Run a 5k

  6. Go to a concert of ONE of your FAVORITES

  7. Teach a Fashion/Make-up Class

  8. Teach an etiquette class

  9. Live poetry reading

  10. Take my daughter to the beach

  11. Tour KC in a private plane

  12. Go Facebook Live

  13. 30 days of Thankfulness Video Challenge

  14. Write gratitude letters

  15. Leave a $100 tip on an inexpensive meal

  16. Nature Hike

  17. See a waterfall

  18. Walk into a shop I have never been in and buy the first thing that catches my eye

  19. Eat at a restaurant and have another person order for me

  20. Take myself on a date

  21. Reach a new fitness goal

  22. Get lost on purpose

  23. Write about all the things I have learned in my first 30 years

  24. Write a Children’s picture book

  25. Honduran sleepover

  26. Take a trip to Dallas Texas

  27. Explore a cave

  28. Have a picnic at the WW1 museum

  29. Visit & Document places that hold childhood memories

  30. Go to a thai restaurant and order Thai HOT

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